Sunday, September 22, 2013

Does Your Business Computer Have Plenty of Security Software on It

I was speaking to client of mine named Mike and he wanted me to look at a business problem that he was having with one of his clients. He asked me to go to his home because his business computer is there. I said okay.
Mike and I went to his home office and he turned on his computer. Mike said, "It takes about 10 minutes for my computer to boot up." I asked him why? Mike said that he had all kinds of security software loaded in his computer because he did not want to have a virus on his computer.
Before I went into business for my own, I was a System Support Specialist for 28 years. I worked to update computers, both the hardware and the software. One of the main jobs I had was dealing with computer security. Now, in no right mind do you have to have all kinds of security software unto your computer.

I've learned that you must have, at least one security software loaded unto your business computer and I agree there. But Mike had 7 loaded on his computer. A lot of those security soft wares were repeats. He was just afraid of what might happen to his computer.
After I gave him a lesson on how security software works. He felt okay and unloaded 5 of them. But still the fear was there and I could see it in him. But I told Mike that he needs to rest assure that his computer is safe and the bottom line is he had to be vigilante.
So it made me think, how many people in the country have so much security that it slows down your computer. Well to let you know and with experience. The bottom line is, you must be careful with how much security software you load unto your computer.
First of all don't be afraid. The majority of people kill their computers because of fear. Loading a lot of security software can kill and slow your computer. Second of all, today's technology and security software is much more efficient and better controlled and workable than that it was 10 years ago. Third, go with your gut feeling. If the security software does not do the job you want it to do. Then go for another one, until you feel comfortable.
Software security is created to protect you from major problems. That's a fact but people stretch their boundaries when it comes to their computer. There in a mind set that they have to be very protected. Which is true, but to what point? Don't over do it.
In a small business, you can't afford to have your computer down for a long time but you also need not to let your fear take over you or your computer. Rest assure that when it comes to protection, you have to have security software but also pace yourself and don't over do it.
If you face the dilemma of trying to figure out how much you need. Go to a technical expert that you trust and ask him or her those questions. Feel comfortable with what they are saying to you. Ask question if you don't understand and by all means, pay the price for good software. It's well worth the money.
Ricardo Gonzales is a Small Business Consultant, has been writing small business and at home articles for over 8 years. His 28 years experience in business and helping other open their own business has allowed him developed information packages and advice. With his expertise in this field, he will help give and work on question that a beginner might have. For more information or are wanting more,

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